What will you be wearing when the door bell rings?

My older son is really into drawing these days. Every time I turn around I find him at the table with a piece of paper and some markers creating something. Sometimes he solicits a commissioned piece from me by saying, “Mom, if you want me to draw you something you’ll have to put in your order.” Then he promptly tries to charge me.  But most of the time he just works on his own creations.

The other day he decided to become a costume designer. He took an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and drew the body and then another piece of paper and made it into a mask. When it was finished he tried it on with the help of some Scotch tape. The theme of this particular day was Star Wars (when isn’t it?) and his first costume was Captain Rex. It wasn’t long before his younger brother wanted a costume too, and put in his order for Master Yoda. I decided I wanted in on the fun but was informed that, since I was a girl, I could only be Princess Leia. “Great, I’ll be Princess Leia!” I said enthusiastically.

I set off to load the dishwasher expecting it would take him a while. But before I had loaded the first plate he handed me my costume along with the Scotch tape dispenser. “Oh, you’re done already?” I asked as he handed me a sheet of paper with two U shapes drawn on it. “Do I wear this on my head like her hair braids?” I ask giving him an easy out. “No, Mom, you wear it here,” he says as he points to my chest. He is totally serious and sees absolutely no humor in the situation. From his perspective he has made an accurate costume of Princess Leia and is getting annoyed that I’m hesitating to wear it.

Costumes back in the closet.

I did what moms do and Scotch taped my costume on to become Princess Leia along side Master Yoda and Captain Rex. Knowing at that moment the doorbell would ring and all my orders from UPS and FedEx would suddenly arrive requiring signatures. At least we’ll all be in uniform.