The New 12 oz Pound

Bring back the Super Size!

Remember when everything was being super-sized?  We super-sized our value meals, we shopped the buy one/get one sales and every box at the supermarket touted “25% more free”.  Absolutely every package was wrapped in the idea of getting more.  Fast forward a few years and everything has shrunk.  Twelve ounces is the new pound.  Not only have they removed “25% more for free” but they slashed another 25% off.  DON’T THINK WE DIDN’T NOTICE!!!

At first it was tricky to pick up on this new scheme.  The outside box was the same size but the inner bag was half full.  No wonder it felt a little light.  The packaging engineers have been hard at work: a little nip/tuck if you will.  Next time you pick up a jar of mayonnaise or peanut butter be sure to turn it over and check out that big dome in the underside.  It may look the same on the shelf but they’ve scooped out a huge amount from underneath.  Gone are the days of a one pound box of pasta.  Most are now a mere 12 ounces.  And who ever heard of buying 3/4 pound of bacon?  You buy one pound.  How else would you have enough to make BLT’s the next day.

This whole reduction of quantity is very annoying on so many levels.  First of all things run out all the time.  The box of Cheez-its that was supposed to last a week was consumed in one afternoon snack with friends.  Secondly, recipes don’t taste quite like Mom’s did. How can they when the recipe calls for a box of this or a jar of that?  Lastly, it is a big blow to the self-esteem when the carton of ice cream is empty again.  It can be consumed in four easy servings instead of the usual eight.

How are our kids supposed to learn standard weights and measures?  How are they supposed to guesstimate and infer?  We know how much a pound weighs – compare it to a bag of coffee.  We know what five pounds feels like – compare it to a bag of sugar.  Will they know?  Sugar now sells in a four pound bag.

I’ll concede on the super-size.  That portion size was ridiculous in the first place but please just keep a pound a pound and raise the price.  You’re not fooling us.    Are there still twelve items in a dozen or will you be getting less roses this Valentine’s Day and having a smaller breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day?

The New Dozen