Sweet Dreams

Daddy had a work function in Boston this weekend so the boys and I decided to join him. We headed up early and caught a Boston College basketball game.  The kids are getting into hoops and are huge “Jayhawks” fans thanks to our cousins from Kansas.  It doesn’t take much to make a young fan just a tee shirt and some swag!  They switched their loyalty for this game and cheered BC on to victory.

Hot Dogs at the Game

We touched down briefly at the hotel and then trekked over to the Reggie Lewis track to witness some really fast runners and high jumpers. The kids loved seeing the runners fly around the track at their eye level and were amazed by the pole vault (so was I).

It wasn’t long before the kids had their fill so I took them back to the hotel. PJ’s on and teeth brushed they hopped into bed. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. It was the tun down service. The kids couldn’t believe their eyes – someone just magically knocked on the door and handed them candy. Could it get any better?  “Go ahead, you can eat it,” I said.  They cuddled in next to me with their chocolaty mouths and sticky fingers while I explained the tradition of putting something sweet on a pillow to bring sweet dreams. Nearly two hours after we started bedtime they finally settled in for the night. Sweet dreams little ones.