To buy or to rent?

To buy or rent…that is the question. My mom is looking into renting a modest RV for our annual camping trip to Virginia Beach. Typically we sleep in a tent which I don’t mind but I am warming up to the idea of stronger shelter and softer bedding.  The reason for the RV consideration is that my mom will have her two grandsons while I depart for three days to meet some friends in Vegas.  She had premonitions of herself in a tent with her grandsons for three days while it rained and decided to be proactive.  With the RV she’d have electricity for movies, a table for games and even a bathroom.  A much better scene than a leaky tent and bored kids.  I am thrilled she agreed to watch the kids and equally as thrilled that she is renting the RV.  Imagine coming back to a soaking wet grandmother and kids after three days of enjoying the Vegas sun. Talk about a buzz kill.

Kids in the RV

Kids in the RV

The kids are over the moon at this new prospect.  They poured over photos of campers on the internet and dreamed of where they would sleep and what they would put in the mini-fridge.  The possibilities were endless.  But my older son had a different concern. “You know Mom,” he says all serious, “Nahnie should buy instead of rent.” (Sure, that way you won’t have to sleep in a tent.)  “Yeah,” he continues, “if she rents it she gives them the money but then she has to return the camper. If she buys it she gives them the money but then she gets to keep the camper.”

“You are right,” I affirmed not wanting to get into terms and pricing agreements.  This little guys at six years was all down to business.  He clearly wanted to maximize her return on investment.  He is also happy that the groundhog did not see his shadow this year so he can open his lemonade stand a little earlier.