Sleeping in on Saturday Mornings

Ahhh, Saturday mornings.  What could be better than drifting off to sleep Friday night knowing that tomorrow is Saturday morning – no worries, no rushing, no bus stop and pajamas until you feel like taking a shower.  It’s a simple form of bliss.

All of that may be true but notice there is no mention of sleeping in!  Saturday mornings are never about sleeping in at our home.  Every single weekday morning I wake my kids up at 7:00 so they can get ready for school.  I have to wake them up!  They move slowly and complain about having to get out of bed.  But come Saturday I can be guaranteed they will wake me up anywhere between 6:30 and 6:35.  What is going on here?  Where is the justice?  Aren’t we parents allowed to stay up late Friday night without an early morning wakeup call the next morning?

This Saturday, after my third cup of coffee in less than an hour, I figured it out.  Of course the kids are going to bounce out of bed!  Saturday mornings mean breakfast in their pajamas and endless cartoons.  It also means pancakes.  They have no worries, no rushing and no bus stop either.  Not to mention we are easy prey to saying yes to things because we stayed up too late the night before.  The kids have it figured out.  I’d bounce out of bed too if this was what my morning looked like!