A Chilly Night by the Fire

We just returned home from spending our vacation week in the wintery White Mountains.  It was beautiful, snowy and chilly.  We were tuckered out from a week of fun and looking forward to falling into our beds but we opened the door we walked into a meat locker.  Our home was a chilly 47 degrees!

Naturally it was 8:00pm on a Sunday night.  That is the only time a furnace goes on strike.  It’s as if to say, I’ve worked hard all week and now I’m calling it quits.  Wouldn’t it be great if normal hours for service technicians were third shift (middle of the night) and fourth shift (weekends).

Indoor camping

We kept our jackets and hats on, made some hot chocolate and lit the fire in the family room.  Our youngest thought it was great.  He helped set up the sleeping bags and inflate the air mattresses.  He bounced around excitedly about the prospect of camping out by the fire.

Lucky for us it was just a clogged nozzle.  Not so lucky is the fact that it takes an incredibly long time to get a chilly house back up to “room temperature”.  It is 10:00pm and the furnace is humming along now but the house is still frigid so we are all huddled in the family room by the fire.  Daddy is playing the guitar.  Son #1 is sound asleep and son #2 is still brimming with excitement.  He’ll always remember camping in the family room when the house was as cold as it was outside.