It’s too quiet…what’s going on?

Want to do the dishes?

I came into my kitchen to get a glass of water and look what I found:  a couple of sharks swimming in my sink.  I had to laugh.  The boys are now at an age where  they are able to make unsupervised fun.  I love this age.  I finally feel free enough to cut my fingernails in the bathroom without carting along my entourage to supervise me and me them.  It’s very liberating to be on a different floor of the house longer than to transport laundry and not come back to a child in tears wondering where his entertainment package walked off to.

So with this newly gained freedom for both parties we have accomplished quite a bit.  Let’s see, I have recently reacquainted my toes with a bottle of nail polish, my eyebrows don’t look like they need scissors to do the shaping and I’ve created a play list that does not involve Old McDonald.  And I’m just getting started.

My kids have accomplished all sorts of things too.  All DVD’s are now easier to access having been removed from their cases and piled next to the DVD player.  The Fisher Price dishes have been washed and dried.  And with sharks in the main sink it’s no wonder they used the play kitchen to do them.  They are just getting started too.

Washing dishes

Lego Football

Building Laptops










The creativity is starting to really bubble up.  They know where the supplies are and are able to get them.  Picasso sets to work every day drawing up pictures that are “out of this world” (i.e. StarWars related).  Just ask Daddy, he has an office full and our home hallway has been re-wallpapered in a cosmic sort of way.  It’s far out!

Friend or Foe in the workplace

New Hallway Wallpaper

There is plenty of noise in this household with a salesman, two boys and a dog but when it’s quiet there is a lot going on too.