The girls are impressed

“Hey Mom, Do you know why me and my friend pinched each other on the bus?” asks my kindergartner.  “No, I don’t, please tell me,” I inquire.  “Because we wanted to show the girls how brave we were.”  “Were they impressed?” I ask.  “I think maybe yes, they were,” he affirms.

Are you impressed?

There you have it, proof positive that the girls can be impressed by boy bravery.  I’m afraid to find out what the boys will try as an encore since the first go around was so well received.  Secretly this little exchange made me smile.  Imagine how dull school would have been without all those goofy boys showing off and mostly making fools of themselves?  The way they used to jockey for attention with silliness.  What made them think that spitballs or funny faces would win our hearts?

Yet somehow it works.  I married a goofball and I love him for it.  He makes me laugh.  He still does silly things to grab my attention.  Life wouldn’t be nearly as fun without boys testing the limits of their masculinity and showcasing their stunts.

So tough!!!

Damsel in distress – did you call?