Mama got a new washing machine

Mama got a new washing machine.  That’s right 4.3 cubic feet of dirty sock spinning, cleaning power.  I purchased it on a Tuesday night and waited with excitment for its arrival.  What kind of a woman have I become?  Never in my 20’s would an appliance have been associated with excitement.  Yet somewhere in my 30’s, as a homemaking mama, I can’t wait.  And here’s why….a good washing machine makes my life easier.

This washing machine didn’t come a moment too soon.  In fact, it came about four days too late.  We weren’t planning to purchase a new washing machine.  Nobody does.  We were dreaming of spending our money on more fun purchases like baseball cleats, a bark collar for the dog and maybe even a night out at Applebee’s.  But no.  The homestead always has a way of reeling us back in for more practical purchases.  After serving ten faithful years, our washing machine decided it had earned the right to call it quits when the kids had the stomach bug.  Smart machine!

We limped along those dreadful days using our utility sink and shamelessly accepting my neighbor’s offer to use her machine.  I did two loads with her machine and what a Godsend.  Two loads was all I needed in it’s super capacity tub.  Thank you neighbor.

The installation guys were done in five minutes flat and I was ready to tackle the day’s chore (more like 3 day’s). I needed Mike Mulligan and Maryanne to move the dirty mountain of  laundry that had accumulated on the basement floor.  By the third load, the novelty wore off; new machine, same chore.  The best “feature” of my new  machine is that the kids are still excited about it and box each other out at the opportunity to load and unload it.  Now this is a feature a homemaking mama can get used to.