Don’t Get Mad….

The bedtime routine.  It’s the same every night.  The kids clear their plates, are sent upstairs to put on their pajamas, brush their teeth, go potty, and pick out two books (insert a bath when necessary).  However, something happens to these little guys right after they clear their plates.  Their legs turn into jello and they are reduced to wrestling heaps that resemble playful puppies.  And just like puppies, they don’t hear our commands.  PAJAMAS!!!  TEETH!!!  POTTY!!!

This reminds me of a scene from the movie “Date Night”.  Tina Fey is complaining about the bedtime routine to her husband, Steve Carell.  I’m paraphrasing here but it goes something like this….. It’s a routine.  It’s the same every night.  It’s not like, surprise, we are going to put on pajamas tonight.

There are no surprises in our bedtime routine and it still needs to be reviewed each night like it’s the first time they’ve been through the process.  They are complete novices through the whole ordeal which is exasperating for a mom who wants to put her feet up and watch “The Bachelor”.  Get me to 8:00.  Get me to 8:00…..

Tonight instead of wrestling puppies I had America’s next contests on “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Complete with moves, grooves and air guitar.  “Alright, good moves you two, you can do more tomorrow – pajamas time,” I say.

The younger one does his “Solid Gold” freeze move and says, “Don’t get mad, get glad!”  Back up older brother with air guitar,  “Don’t get mad, get glad!” “Yeah, yeah, get glad, don’t get mad.  Ge-het    Gla-had!!!”  They finish off the routine with some air pumps and head bops.  “Strong ending, very good – Get Pa-hajamas!” I sing with my air guitar.  Off they scurry singing renditions of “Don’t get mad, get glad”.

It was pretty funny.  We worked through each item of the bedtime routine without getting mad.  I made it to the couch and I’m now glad I can put my feet up and watch “The Bachelor”.  Who will he chose, Emily or Chantal?