Leprechaun Day

Three Very Tall Leprechauns

This was the scene at the breakfast table on St. Patrick’s Day morning.  They were all up and dressed donning their Leprechaun hats ready to celebrate the day.  Notice the hats.  These were the brainchild of my kindergartner the day before.  He personally designed the hat template out of his standard costume making material: the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  Click here to view past costumes.  We were instructed to color, cut and wait for Mommy to fit them.  There was even one made for Daddy.

After school on St. Patrick’s Day my kindergartner told me that Leprechauns had made a mess of his classroom.  “The chairs were turned over, there was a ripped book, there was glitter all over the floor and the sign in sheets were all over the classroom!” he tells me.  “Mom, we better check the playroom in the basement to see if the Leprechauns have been there,” he exclaims.  Sure enough, the “Leprechauns” had been there.  Funny thing about these Leprechauns is that they don’t just come on St. Patrick’s Day.