The Big Stage

Last night was a family first.  We piled into the car and drove to a school sanctioned event.  The venue was the Elementary School Talent Show and it was worth the price of admission.  Our kindergartner directed us there with giddy anticipation while his younger brother sat quietly hoping his older brother wouldn’t suddenly deny him access.

The cafetorium was brimming with girls in tutus doing pirouettes down the aisle while the boys watched suspiciously.  Our boys clung tight lest someone call them to the stage.  We found our seats and the kids looked around and waved to their friends from the safety of our laps.  The show began with a blonde starlet singing “My Favorite Things”, which was impressive.  Next up were two 2nd graders dancing to Kesha’s “Tik Tok”; a little disturbing considering the lyrics.  There were piano recitals, drum sessions, hula hoops and lots in between.  It was great and my hat goes off to all the kids and their courage to perform.

We left shortly after the intermission, the boys racing ahead of us to the car.  “Before we go home, who wants to run around the track?” my husband called out.  “ME, ME, I DO, I DO” they chimed.  The boys sprinted around the track while I watched the most gorgeous full moon rise in the distance.  All the while thinking that the track and sports field will most likely be the stage of our future.