A Different Perspective

We are having a “little” bit of work done on the house which means lots of before and after photos and plenty in between.  On day one of the project, I set out with my camera to take some shots with my sidekick at my heels.  “Mommy, can I take some pictures,” he asks, hands grabbing at my elbows.  “Hold on….not right now……let me just finish…….I’ll give you a turn when I’m done………just wait,” I droned on.  Finally I just handed him the camera.  Why not I figured, he will get some interesting shots or I can just delete them all later.  He was happy as a clam and walked around clicking photos of everything.  There were countless photos of the swing set and some of the bikes and lots of close ups of his shoes and his hands.  I deleted way too many before I decided to save a few.

His shoes and the lens cap standing in the dumpster

Mom talking with the contractor (dust spot on lens on my head)

Mom moving around moving stuff out of the garage

Mom taking a break to play fetch with the dog

There aren’t many photos of me in our family collection because I’m usually wielding the camera.  I was struck by how tall I appear in them.  At 5’10” I am tall but from the perspective of a 3′ 6″ kid I look like a giant.  I enjoyed looking through the photos he took seeing things at his eye level.  It was a good reminder of other viewpoints.