So Long Baby Gates

It’s been a snowy winter so I decided to do a little spring cleaning.  I’m always moving things around and re-organizing but today instead of putting things in boxes I got out the orange handled screwdriver.  It was time to take down the baby gates.  This is a big step, I mean these suckers have been up since our six year old was a three month old.  They are as familiar to me as my coffee maker and equally as useful.

Like good parents we installed them to protect our first born, which was totally unnecessary since I was with him every at every turn ready with the camera.  It did come in handy for child #2 (goes without saying).  But the gates really served their purpose with our dog.  There is something about the upstairs waste baskets that is too alluring.

I had the gates off in ten minutes and heaved them into the dumpster.  It’s a liberating feeling to let go of this piece of safety apparatus turned safety hazard over the past year.  It became the source of danger and arguments.  The kids used it to tease the dog or torment each other.  The older brother would shut the gate and since the younger one couldn’t open it he would scale the the wrong side of the banister – yikes!  Why didn’t I get out the screwdriver right then and there?  I’m a little slow on the uptake (see bark collar post).  So here is to a successful spring cleaning and a fresh new look to our stair case; so long baby gates!

Testing Testing (our friend’s boy)

Containment overkill perhaps??