March Madness

In the spirit of March Madness, our oldest son dragged all of us out to the driveway to play some hoops.  “Okay Mommy you are Kentucky and I’ll be your coach and Daddy you are UConn,” he proclaimed.  And he wasn’t kidding when he said “I’ll be your coach”.  He was sporting a whistle around his neck and knew how to use it.

The game started and Daddy and I sparred just like last night’s game and yes, like Kentucky, I had some trouble making foul shots.  “Come on Mom!” my son coached, “you can do it!”  The game continued and Daddy nailed shot after shot from behind the three point line.  It was looking a little grim for me.  That’s when I realized that my “coach” had gone to the “Bobby Knight School of Coaching.”   Whistle blowing….”Mom, let’s go.  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!  You are loosing to Daddy.  Come on!!!!” he shouts angrily.  Whistle blows again.

The coaching worked and I drove to the basket and finally Daddy fouled out of the game.  “Mommy won!” proclaimed my coach.  Of course it helps that my coach was also the referee.