I like Fridays

Daddy has been on the road this week and comes home on Friday so each night at dinner the kids count how many days until Friday.  The older one can do the count down on his own but his younger brother tends to arrange the days according to which one has the best offerings.  “Mom, tomorrow is Friday,” he tells us.  “No sweetheart……” I reply.  “So today is Friday?!?” he beams.  “No honey, today is Tuesday.” “Oh, then tomorrow is Thursday.  I like Thursdays because that is playgroup day.”  “No honey, tomorrow is still Tuesday and Thursday comes after Wednesday which comes after Tuesday.”  No wonder he’s confused.  I happen to agree with him.  It would be great if Thursdays came after Tuesdays.  Who needs Wednesdays anyway?  Just get us to Friday.

“I like Fridays,” he says abandoning the order of the days all together.  “Oh, why is that?” I ask.  “Because Fridays being with the letter “F”.”  (Naturally that was what I was guessing he would say and I’m sure the reason most people like Fridays.)  But then he continues to enlighten us.  “And the letter “F” looks like the letter “E” and I like the letter “E” because my name begins with the letter “E”.”

And there you have it.

“You know what honey, I like Fridays too.”