Talk to Me

Sibling Only Play Date

I’ll admit it, I eavesdrop.  I love listening to my little guys talk to each other when they are off doing their own thing.  Their banter is just so stinkin’ cute!  There is just something in the way that they talk to each other that makes me smile and sometimes laugh.  My favorite part of their chit chat is when they talk about us (the parents) as if we only belong to one of them.  For instance, one will say to the other “My Mommy says….” or “My Daddy can do….”  They forget they share us parents or maybe they are so caught up in being friends that they forget they are brothers.

Most of the time they behave like brothers when they play together and as long as the younger brother follows orders, everything runs smoothly.  The older brother has a vision of what he wants to do and he instructs his minion to execute it.  Inevitably his younger brother does it wrong at which point I hear the older one sounding a lot like me using phrases like; “watch closely, this is the last time I’m going to show you” and “no, that’s not how we do it”.  This vernacular comes so naturally to an older sibling (just ask my brother).  Listening can be like taking an honest look in the mirror; sometimes very unflattering.

Sibling playtime is great for trying stuff out.  They will teach each other where certain boundaries are before they try those things out on other kids.  It’s the way we all cut our teeth.  In the mean time as I listen to my words used by my older son I’ll be readjusting the way I talk too.