Members Only

I am a mother of two boys which gives me membership to what I call “the two boy club”. There are mothers who belong to the three and even four plus boy club who garner a whole different level of respect and admiration. But here, in the two boy club, we moms are made of some pretty tough stuff.

For starters, everything is a full contact sport: basketball, baseball, getting the mail, eating cereal. It is “game on” all day long. Every activity is tackled with winning in mind. In addition, the boys are like puppies. They push, nudge and pin each other down. I would like to see the percentage of professional wrestlers  that grew up without a brother. It’s got to be close to zero.

Being a mother of boys also means that I live in a fortress that needs constant protection from bad guys. There is the steady drum beat of “dat-dat-dat-dat-dat” and “pweu-pweu-pweu” as the boys fire shots against intruders. I had no idea we were under a constant threat of attack. Thankfully the boys take this responsibility very seriously and this damsel lives in a castle that is well guarded.

There are a couple of bylaws in this club. Rule #1: Dress code is always casual – no adorable outfits allowed.  Rule # 2: Daddy rules supreme. From tips on brushing teeth to sports stats Daddy is their go to guy for critical information. Regardless of if I know the answer they still double check it with Daddy.

But membership also has its perks. Perk #1: Homemade gifts. There is nothing sweeter than getting a dandelion picked especially for you or a homemade birthday card. Perk # 2: Chivalry. Coached by Daddy, since he knows best, the boys will demonstrate chivalry from time to time by opening doors and letting me go first. I have to admit it’s nice. But by far the best perk is it’s lifetime membership. Now that’s a good deal.