Tied up Right Now

If we are running late these days it is because we are a little tied up at the moment. Son #2 is learning to tie his shoes and there is no way to rush this skill. It is a bit like potty training, it will happen when it happens.

For years now, I have been looking forward to having the boys tie their own shoes. Imagine the ease at which we could sail out the door, catch the school bus or run off to tee-ball practice if everyone were tying their own shoes. Heck, I could be loading the dishes and wiping down the counters while the boys are getting their shoes on. Imagine the improved efficiency of my household. Sure, I can host book club because my house is clean and I have time to spare. Yeah right! Instead, most days I am busy tying four shoes with two hands while trying to remember to get something on to my own feet.

I should be careful what I wish for because the moment has finally arrived and now it takes twice as long to get out the door. I try to help move things along but he pushes me away, “No, Mommy, I can do it!”. I take a deep breath, stand back and watch his chubby fingers try to get the rabbit around the tree and into the hole. He is determined even when the rabbit hops away leaving two laces with nothing to show for all that effort.

Hopefully that magical moment will arrive when the rabbit will behave, run around that tree and hop into the hole just like we have practiced. At some point it will just happen, but in the mean time please save us a seat because we will be running late.