Want to Trade?


Baseball season is in full swing around here. I know this because there are piles of dirty cleats in the hallway, baseball hats at every turn and scores of baseball cards in little piles just waiting to get traded. It is an exciting season. I’ve got two sluggers playing for the Minnesota Twins who have a newly found loyalty to St. Paul and Minneapolis.

This time of year is so patriotic. Baseball is in the background of arguably some of the best weekends of the summer; Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Can you get any more American? The kids are learning about our country and some of our beloved sports heroes not through Scholastic but through Topps. Yes, American History 101 brought to you by Topps Baseball Cards. They love them, they collect them and they trade them. I love baseball cards too because the kids will work for them. That’s the thing about baseball cards, they are a motivator because you can never have enough.

I’ve discovered that the kids will gladly do yard work and other assorted chores outside of their normal chores for a chance to buy more cards. Yesterday they worked at loosening a rock solid block of peat moss into a joint compound bucket for me and everyone was happy.  Son #1 is working really hard.  He wants to trade with Daddy and Daddy is holding out. It’s hard to trade with a sales guy; they know how to drive a good bargain. This is good news for me because the longer Daddy holds out for good cards, the harder his son will work to buy more packs. Forget History 101 this is Economics 101.