Ask the Doctor

My brother officially became a doctor this weekend. No, not an M.D. as we all joked about but a doctor of Philosophy in Music Education. In other words he has a PhD and is a bonafide “expert know-it-all”- my moniker for him. He followed his passion for music from day one and we have all watched him work tirelessly toward this goal so it was an honor to be there with him while he was “hooded”.

This weekend our “expert know-it-all” graciously endured the endless stream of “ask the doctor” responses to every question. “It never gets old,” I winked at him. “I know,” he replies. “Of course you do, you’re the doctor!” I reply. Ha ha, it never gets old!!! We are so beneath him now.  Just a bunch of jokesters.

Two of the littlest jokers in the bunch, his nephews, happen to be some of his biggest fans. They watched him throughout the ceremony perched from above in their mezzanine seats. With their little collared shirts buttoned all they way to the top and their khakis belted to fit their tiny waists. They looked so grown up and yet so little all at the same time. Although they didn’t fully understand everything, they knew it was an important day for him.  And even with all the pomp and circumstance their uncle remembered to turn around and wave to them making them feel special on his day. It doesn’t take and doctorate to know that’s what makes him a great uncle.

Congratulations Doctor. We are so proud of you and were honored to be there to celebrate your amazing accomplishment!