The Q and A session

“Mom, who do you think won, the Cleveland Indians or the Minnesota Twins?” my son asks. “Ummm, the Twins,” I respond. “You’re right Mom! Okay Mom, who do you think won the Atlanta Braves or the Chicago White Sox?”…….the Baltimore Orioles or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays………the San Diego Padres or the Seattle Mariners……and on and on.

The funny thing is that these are all fictitious games he is asking about. He has no idea which teams are playing and what the scores are. He is just asking to ask. When I stop answering his questions, he starts asking his younger brother. Naturally, he gets most of them “wrong” which is so unfair but that’s how siblings work. Older brother keeps asking and younger brother keeps answering in the hopes of finally getting one right but the odds are against him.

The next line of questioning deals with the players. He pulls out his collection of baseball cards. Mom, who is this player? What team does he play for? Is he a rookie? How much is this card worth? Is it worth more that Daddy’s Mickey Mantle? Do you think he will trade his Mickey Mantle for this card? Mom, when are you going to Target again? Can I get more baseball cards? If I bring my money, how many baseball cards can I buy? … and on and on. I try to answer each of his questions but I’ll admit that I occasionally zone out. And every so often he catches me. At some point he’ll catch on that I don’t know the right answers but for now I’m his best resource until Daddy comes home from work.

I’m happy he is so enthusiastic about baseball. It is nice to see a passion that has so many avenues. He can play on a team, practice with his friends, learn about the players, collect the cards and watch the games. But the best offshoot is that he and his dad share this interest and talk this language of stats and plays like good pals. I might get tired of the continuous questions but Daddy never does and unlike me or his younger brother, he’s got all the right answers.