Red Sox on the Radio

It is summer and summer means baseball at our house. From tee-ball practice to baseball cards we are living, breathing and sleeping baseball. It is awesome to see the boys into something that we all can enjoy. Sure Pokemon cards and Transformers are fun but baseball bridges all ages.

They’ve been playing baseball in the yard with friends and have started to develop the patience to watch it on TV. The other night as Dad tucked the kids into bed he told them that the Red Sox were playing the Athletics. It was too late for them them to watch it so instead of asking for a story they asked to listen to the game on their radio. About 20 minutes later I went upstairs to see for myself and the little radio was perched on the windowsill broadcasting the game. It looked like a scene from the 1950’s. Younger brother was fast asleep but his older brother was leaning over the rail of the top bunk listening to every word. “Mom, the Red Sox are winning three to two and the count is two and one.” I kissed him goodnight and stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting and headed back downstairs to see for myself.