The Taming of the Yew

After a week of rain and then a few days of steamy 90 degree weather my yard looks like the Amazon. Now that the humidity has broken and the day is sunny and gorgeous I decided to get out my machete and whack things back into shape. Good luck to me because we live in a 30 year old house with 30 year old shrubbery that has grown quite large, quite comfortable and quite frankly a little ornery. In other words, it was here first. Be that as it may my boys and I were enthusiastic about our task.

My little helpers worked right along with me wielding hedge clippers and hand pruners.  I wasn’t worried about them giving the shrub a bad haircut; with all that greenery who would know.  I was grateful to have company in this thankless chore and was happy they wanted to help.

A few hours and one bee sting later, we dropped our tools and called it a day.  I had grander visions of what it would look like after so much effort but everyone knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Here is what we left behind to greet us tomorrow.  Hard to say who had the upper hand, us or the shrubs.  We made a dent but they are still holding strong.