A Little Help from My Friends

It is a hot and sunny start to the summer here and my tender plants need a little extra watering. With the kids busy playing on the swing set I set off give some of my flowers a drink from the hose. As I was watering my mind started to drift….

Will these plants make it through the summer? How many times will I get to the beach this year? Will the Mom’s Club do another beach day? That day was a lot of fun. I should probably start doing some sit ups. I hate sit ups. Remember all that time I used to have to exercise before kids. What did I do with all of that time? It’s good to be busy. Being bored would be nice too though.

I must have looked like an idiot standing in front of my plants with a dry hose. The sound of devilish giggling brought me back and I look over to find my two boys standing there with the garden hose crimped in their hands howling with laughter.

Those two little jokers figured out how to play a practical joke on me and it was funny. I remember doing this to my Mom. She would be so caught up, moving so fast, trying to get things done efficiently that we could do all sorts of things. Mostly I remember sneaking up behind to scare her while she was vacuuming. It worked every time. She would jump a mile and the vacuum hose would end up in the air sucking down the draperies.

I am a lot like my mother so I guess this is my wake up call to stop watering the flowers and take some time to smell them instead.  Or at least be more aware of my surroundings.