You Need Some Confidence

Younger brother was happily drawing and practicing his letters on a dry erase board the other day while older brother was playing Legos. All was quiet and balanced in the universe for ten minutes on Tuesday afternoon. That was until older brother decided to check up on his younger brother. And just like older siblings do, he started to direct the activity to suit himself.

Okay, now write the letter “e”. No not a capital “E” a lower case “e” like this. Now write the word “dog”. You need to sound it out like this D – O – G. 

I sat there observing my older boy talk to his younger brother the way his kindergarten teacher must talk to him. Clearly son #1 was enjoying his authoritative role.

Okay, these are the vowels… A – E – I – O – U. You need these to make a word.

Older brother draws out the vowels at the top of the white board and then younger brother makes a “word” of all vowels.

No, no, you can’t write a word that is all vowels. You need some confidence (he means consonants) to make a word.

It’s true I thought, you do need some confidence to sound out the letters and make a word. You need to be brave to put that pen to paper and express your thoughts. Will my spelling be correct? Will people like or agree with what I want to say? Does anyone even want to read it? Consonants and vowels will always be there but sometimes a little confidence is just what we need.