Welcome to Klickitat Street

I was feeling akin to Alexander and, in the words of Judith Viorst, was having “A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day“. My v-mail wasn’t working, my landline had a bad connection, I had a pimple on my left ear lobe, the “check engine” light is still on and the A/C is still broken. Some days are like that, even in Australia.

This bad day was exasperated by the fact that I stayed up way too late the night before watching the Bruins clinch game six and by the fact that my house has been under construction since 7:30 am on March 23rd. Today is June 14th. I’m tired and looking at a yellow film of pollen on every surface which is just plain annoying. Calgon? Where is that stuff these days!!!

I threw in the towel at 3:00 this afternoon and chalked up the day to “I suck at this”. The kids were pushing their Legos around and moderately annoying each other in the state of semi-boredom. They were actually doing fairly well. I didn’t say anything, sat on the couch and cracked the spine of “Henry and the Clubhouse” by Beverly Cleary. They climbed right up and snuggled in for the ride to another place: Klickitat Street circa 1960.

Thank you Beverly Cleary for giving us Henry and his many adventures. From his travels with Ribsy to his prolific guppies there is something for everyone to enjoy. We all giggled as we traveled along with Henry to a better place. The afternoon ended on a high note and with a break for dinner and a bath, the kids are already pining for another chapter before bed and you know what, so am I.