A Good Sense of Smell

I took my apprentice #2 to the paint store today. As he was climbing out of the car he looked up at me and said, “I forgot to bring my smell with me today.” Huhh? I was completely confused. “I forgot to bring my smell with me today!” he repeats a little louder and clearly getting frustrated. “Okay, slow down, what did you forget?” I ask. “I forgot to bring my “good smell” with me today!”

Now I get it. My apprentice #1 loves to give his opinion on things and most often has a really good perspective and really good taste. As a result, we have told him that he has “good taste”. When I want to engage him on errands I will ask him “did you bring your “good taste” with you?” and he will perk right up with a new sense of purpose.

Clearly my apprentice #2 got his senses a little mixed up but then again things never taste quite right when you can’t smell.