The Perfect Cast

Yesterday was Father’s Day and we took the boys to the local Bass Pro Shop for a fun excursion. The goal was to get son #2 his first fishing pole and tackle box just as we had done with son #1 two years prior. This is a big moment in their lives that they will hopefully remember and cherish just the way their daddy had done with his father. Son #2 has been waiting for this moment long having relinquished his toy fishing pole to the corner of the basement. He would rather not go fishing than be caught with a baby pole. He’s ready for the big leagues now.

His choice was a modest “Ugly Stick” and a red tackle box. It might as well have been the boy’s first car for all his excitement. He explored every item in his tackle box all the way home multiple times and then all over again. The second we pulled into the driveway he was ready to go fishing. Daddy carefully tied a weighted bobber to the end of his pole and taught him how to cast. Looking at them, I’m not sure who was getting the greater gift, the boy with the new fishing pole or the father teaching his boy to fish.

He spent the rest of the afternoon casting into a pile of bark mulch at the end of the driveway happy as a clam. Now that is a great Father’s Day gift.