Welcome to NH

Welcome to New Hampshire. Some refer to it as The Granite State, I affectionately refer to it as The Vanity Plate State. I can tell the moment I’ve entered the state by the number of Subarus on the road (the official state car) and by the number of vanity plates. It is instant, first the you see the welcome sign and then you see a Subaru. The best is when you see a Subaru with a vanity plate. Those guys are serious.

I tried to remember a few from my last trip through the state and I noticed that they fall into three categories:

1 – Names and initials

2 – Obvious interests

3 – Huhhh?

The first category “Names and Initials” is fairly straight forward. Here are some names of drivers I’ve met on the road. N8 translation Nate, K8-E translation Katie and SUEZQ translation Suzie-Q. Initials are like a monogram for your vehicle; very classy but kind of boring. You’ll never find a monogram on a Subaru but you will see them on an Audi or Mercedes.

The “Obvious Interest” category strikes me as speed dating on the highway. MTBKE hey, look at me, I like to mountain bike, do you? LV2SKI, SKYDVE, DANCER you get the picture. Why not display their cell phone number in the window. How about something more entertaining for the rest of us like STUD or HOTBDY?

Fnally there is the “Huhh” category. These are the plates that only make sense to a select few. Like M6PPL – what is that?  I am 6 people? Our neighbors came home with LSTONE. Who is L Stone we all wondered? Turns out they had purchased the last model of a Volvo so they got their car a special plate. But after a few weeks of “Who is L Stone?” they traded it in for LAST 1. Now that makes a little more sense.

I feel at liberty to poke fun at New Hampshire, after all it is the “live free or die” state but also because I lived there for 15 years. I never did get a Subaru or a vanity plate but I might have been tempted if we had stayed a bit longer. I’m holding out hope that my parents, who still live in New Hampshire, will get a vanity plate. They’ve been there for 25 years. I think STUD and HOTBDY might still be available.