A Little Grimm

Summer vacation has kicked off and we have descended upon the lake house to join the rest of the family. We arrived with suitcases of clothes, bags of toys, fishing poles, tackle boxes, tennis rackets and water guns. There was the crate for the dog her food and toys and maybe a few of my own things. I lug up lots of stuff with lofty goals of completion. I should have plenty of free time when I’m not applying sunscreen, untangling fishing line, refereeing water gun injustices and searching for the dog that has gone off to see if the grass is actually greener next door. In short, there is stuff everywhere and for those used to living on their own terms it is pretty darn hectic.

The next day we awake to our first full day of summer vacation. What could be better than five adults, two kids and two dogs all within the confines of a cozy little camp? The “House with No Secrets” we like to call it or the “Candy House“. The morning started off a little rough. There was pushing in front of the coffee pot, plenty of “Mom, where’s my…” and mounds of dishes. Having secured the coveted mugs of coffee and successfully dodged the dishes, my brother and I took refuse on the porch.

“Wow, things are a little tense in there,” I comment. “Yeah, seriously!” he agrees. ” It reminds me of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. We have Grumpy, Sleepy, Anxious, Irritable, Bossy and Annoying,” I list out. We spent the next hour assigning each of our family members with an appropriate title. I settled on Bossy for myself and my brother admitted to being Annoying. We are comfortable with our assigned names seeing how we’ve been this way to each other all our lives. It’s only natural, I’m the older sibling and he’s the younger. We stop laughing long enough to hear my two boys interact in the way siblings do. “Hey, looks like our understudies have learned well!” my brother points out. At which point we laugh ourselves into a fit of hiccups. Looks like another great summer vacation.