Nobody did it

Our youngest son is quite a character unlike our older son who is more by the book. The youngest finds a little more margin in everyday events. Most of the time it’s pretty funny stuff. A cute twist on the ordinary can be fun in moderation.

Lately though I’ve had a visitor in our household, an elusive third child.

“Who didn’t flush the toilet?” I ask. “Nobody did!” youngest son tells me. Hmmmm?

“Who let the dog out?”…….”Nobody did!”

“Who ate the last cookie?….”Nobody did!”

You get the picture. I suppose that “nobody” is better than the accused “somebody” it could be which would be of course his older brother. So in a way this “nobody” avoids having to hold court where truth is self evident. The older sibling finds “nobody” amusing but I’m not sure he realizes that he should also be ingratiated.

We laughed at the first few times we met “nobody” and so did “his” siblings who were amused that we might actually believe them? But three times has its charm and so I sent “nobody” off to the next household. “He” seems to get around. Even I remember “him” spending a short stint in our house when I was a kid. I’m sure he was introduced to us by my younger brother.