Summer Deliciousness

Summer: hot, sticky, sunny and sweet. What’s not to love about the summer months of July and August? Some people mark the start of summer with Memorial Day and the end with Labor Day but it could easily be measured in the time between strawberry picking and apple picking. Is there anything sweeter than warm strawberries fresh from the field or crisp apples off a tree?

Farmer markets and gardens brim over with zucchini the size of watermelons and tomatoes bursting at their seams. Food never tastes so good as it does in the summer months. But for all the availability of fresh produce nothing can compare to a summer ice cream cone.

There is something about New Englanders and their ice cream. We are home to Hood, Friendly’s, Brighams, Carvel and Ben&Jerry’s to name the few; not to mention the countless ice cream stands that feature their own homemade goodness. My family has an addiction to ice cream. Okay, I have an addiction to ice cream!  “Hi, my name is Amanda and …….”. It’s not my fault though. I come from a line of hardcore ice cream consumers. My great grandfather had a freezer dedicated to ice cream, not half gallon cubes but actual tubs. This in a day in age when some people still had “ice boxes”; imagine his priorities! My grandfather used to serve ice cream with what my husband called a “spade”. I mean really a scooper is just so unsatisfying.

My kids have been eating ice cream since before day one (they got plenty in utero).  They are either doomed or lucky (insert your judgment here). I have countless photos of them eating ice cream cones with chocolate dripping off their elbows. Why would I take these messy photos with their tongues sticking out and their eyes rolled back like a shark eating its prey? Because I’m trying to capture the happiness that comes with eating an ice cream cone in the summer. It’s summer deliciousness!