Do You Remember?

Kids are smart and, no doubt about it, they score 100% when it comes to memory retention. If I tell my kids on Tuesday that this Saturday I might give the dog a bath when Saturday morning arrives they call me to task. I can’t say anything without it being etched in stone. Might and maybe are dangerous words for me to use. I swear this amazing retention borders on superhuman and somehow decreases with age and certainly declines at warp speed with the birthing of each child.

My son, at age three, could identify the team and home state of every NFL football team just by looking at a little replica helmet. I mean really, who needs to know state capitals when you can name their football team. And then there is my youngest son who pulls out his little radio while I am putting away laundry. As he is turning the dial to find a baseball game he comes across a station playing Katy Perry’s song E.T. and says, “hey Mommy, it’s your favorite song!”. He is right. I love this song but it is not exactly what I listen to in the company of my kids. When was that ONE moment he caught me listening to this song? Just wait until it’s time for them to memorize the element symbols in the Periodic Table. That’s when I’ll remember to remind them that they have a good memory.