The Answer is Always Yes

My late father in law was a captivating storyteller and also had an extensive repertoire of one line sayings. One of my favorites is “the answer is always yes”. I have adopted it as a bit of a mantra because it works well in most cases….

Do you want to go out? – Yes

Do you want spaghetti for dinner? – Yes

Will you help me bring out the trash? – Yes

Do I look fat in this? – Yes….whoops, I mean no!!! (works great in MOST cases)

The truth is that if you are being asked to do something it really means that the other person wants you to say yes; so just say “yes”. It makes the asker happy as opposed to disappointed by rejection. Admittedly, sometimes it is hard to say “yes”. Like in “will you give the dog a bath tomorrow?” – (insert any excuse here). But a simple “yes” will end the dilemma.

Yesterday we were visited by a neighbor. She happened to come by boat, not just any boat but a rowing shell. I was in the middle of eating lunch with divine plans of cracking the spine of a new book while the kids rested. But our neighbor asked me if I wanted to give it a try. Hmmm, enjoy my precious time to relax or get out of my comfort zone to learn something new? The answer is always yes.  The answer is always yes. “Yes!” I told her. She then took the time to give me a quick lesson and send me on my way. It turned out to be an incredible experience. I would have missed out on what could have been my life’s one chance to try it out.

Easy to say “no”, better to say “yes”.  Thank you Steve!!!