The Great Mouse Detectives

We had some unexpected company of the small, four-legged variety. These little house guests said hello to us today, but have been living here rent free for some time since it was the young-ins we saw scurrying about. We can’t be too surprised by this. We are in a little camp on a lake in Vermont. It was just a matter of time! Not to mention the doors are open all day long and even when they are closed, they are warped enough to let in much larger creatures. A cat would have been helpful!

Grampa had already warned us that he and the kids had seen two mice checking things out in the kitchen. These mice think they are soon invincible but rumor had it that the dog had already caught one. That ought to teach them. Tonight, while doing dishes, I turned around to catch a brave mouse checking out the scene. I let out a scream (blood curdling and very girly). The boys came running downstairs (anything to get out of bedtime). “A mouse, a mouse, I saw a mouse!!” I shouted, prancing around the kitchen like a big chicken. “Oh my God, there it is! Open the door. It’s by the door. SOMEONE OPEN THE DOOR!!!” Out runs the mouse followed by two dogs and two boys. I remained in the kitchen peering through the screen door. “Where is it? WHERE IS IT?”I shriek. (Really? What is wrong with me?) “Mom, get a yard stick. It’s right here,” says son #2. He is crouched down eye level with the mouse that is flat as a pancake under a row of shingles. One dog is next to him with his snout ready and the other dog has lost the trail and is running in and out from under the deck keeping pace with all the excitement. “Mom, I need a yard stick!” he repeats. I get him a fly swatter and he dislodges it. One dog pounces. Then the other dog pounces. Success!!!! YUCK!!!!

I changed into sneakers from the usual flip flops, feeling a little too exposed. You know what they say, where there is one there are more!