Class of 91

I went to my husband’s 20th high school reunion on Saturday night. It was great. I highly recommend going to your spouse’s reunion. It is much better than going to your own. I had lots of fun and and no anxiety about my appearance. I didn’t have to wonder if people thought I looked better or worse than I did in high school because I wasn’t there. No one was there to remind me of an embarrassing time or have that awkward moment of introducing my husband to my high school boyfriend. There wasn’t any pressure on me to remember someone’s name without the obvious glance to their chest. I feel really badly for the men on this front. How do they come off not looking like a jerk.

It was your typical reunion. We all mingled within arms reach of the bar and our spouses and when the conversations were exhausted we migrated to the dance floor. It didn’t take long to see the same cliques from high school emerge in the form of dancing circles. We danced to Journey and MC Hammer just like in the “good old days” belting out all the lyrics. We did our best to wipe away twenty years of time for one night. I think we did…”Don’t stop believing…” ~Journey