A Good Day at the Beach

The kids and I went to the beach yesterday to meet up with my cousin and her husband who were visiting from Kansas. They come to the east coast for a week each summer to vacation with his mother’s side of the family. We missed them by a day last year so I was determined to make it happen this year.

The beach was in beautiful Westerly, Rhode Island on Watch Hill and the town is Yankee Magazine beautiful. I love that there are still pockets of New England left for me to explore but now that I have discovered it, it won’t be my last. We made our way down the rose hip path towards the water and nabbed a little piece of real estate for the boys to develop with their sand toys. We quickly realized that the beach sand isn’t nearly as fun as the surf here. At first the boys didn’t know what to make of the waves. Their beach experience has been exclusively limited to Cape Cod Bay which is as benign as they come; virtually no waves and shallow for miles out. This was a totally new experience for them.

The boys stood at the water’s edge and observed while I observed them. They started playing chase with the water. They would follow the water out and then run back to the safety of the beach as it chased them. Next they stood their ground up past their ankles while their feet sunk with each passing wave. After that they moved up to their waists and jumped up as the wave broke on them. And finally they let themselves fall into the water and ride into shore. A couple of times they were pulled under as one wave broke with another but they shook it off and went back for more.

I watched them and remembered taking the same progression when our family went to Salisbury Beach. As kids my brother and I spent our summers at a day camp on a lake so it took us equally as long as my boys took to warm up to the daunting surf. And just like my brother and me, by the end of the day they couldn’t get enough. Not even the promise of an ice cream cone could get them out of the water. Now that’s a good day at the beach.