Don’t worry, we have a generator!

Tropical Storm Irene passed through our area yesterday leaving her mark. The day before the storm my husband and I busied ourselves around the house by extending gutters, moving patio furniture and fueling up the generator. Yes, we have a generator. It came with the house and for seven years we never even bothered to remove its cover. We had no idea that the “beast” we had been tripping over in our garage turned out to be a “beauty”; brand spanking new and deluxe in every way!

The Generator

Being total rookies, we read and re-read the instructions then we powered up the thing and let it run for a while. “The generator is ready to go!” my husband proclaimed. Good thing because by early afternoon we were out of power. “I’ll go fire up the generator!” Twenty minutes later he comes back into the house smelling like a gas and looking defeated.  “How did it go?” I ask him. “Not good,” he replies.

The previous owners had the generator installed so that it could be plugged into a specific outlet in the garage and it would provide power to the entire house.  Unfortunately the receptacle was misaligned and the plug would not fit into the outlet. For all our preparation, we never plugged it in. It was like that moment in Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation when he plugs in the christmas lights and nothing happens. There was no “Hallelujah Chorus” here either.  We were in the dark.

We ended up using it by running an extension cord into the house and connecting it to a power strip.  We were going to be okay.  We would be able to plug in our refrigerator and a few lights. Our food would not perish into a puddle of smelly sludge. We wouldn’t be able to cook it but we could at least keep it cold!

And here is a photo that shows you just how valuable that generator was….. (ha ha)

Clearly the fridge did not need to be our first priority. After the kids finished off the milk and we finished off the beer we unplugged it and plugged in a radio and a light. What were we keeping cold but some condiments, a container of left over birthday cake frosting and a couple of dried out carrot sticks in the crisper. It made for a good laugh. Carrot stick anyone?