I’ll be there

Tropical Storm Irene blew through our town on Sunday and gave our property a hair cut. We lost three very large and established trees; one missing our house by such a narrow margin it can only be explained by divine intervention. That tree can’t be saved but one of the “smaller”trees along the side of the driveway fell over with its root ball still intact. “You know,” says a neighbor, “you guys can save this tree. Have your husband call me when he gets home from work and we’ll pull this up and secure it.” I was thrilled. Our neighbor, the one with seven kids of his own, had volunteered to lend us a hand in all his “free time”.


My husband gets home and calls the neighbor and instantly he appears; work boots on and gloves in hand. They quickly realize it is going to take a bit more man power. A couple of calls later and we had three more neighbors and a few friends from around the block. We heaved and hoed and finally got that tree righted. It felt like an old fashioned barn raising except I’m guessing they didn’t use to do those at 8:30 at night in the dark!

So here is a very hearty expression of gratitude to you neighbors and friends who showed up at a moment’s notice. THANK YOU!