Robin Hood and Little John

As a mother of boys, I have found that I am very well protected. We have an arsenal of weapons from toy guns to bows and arrows and the boys have been “young Jedi’s in training” from the moment they could say the words “Star Wars”. (note the Jedi Master t-shirt in the photo below) First words for a girl might be “da-da” or “ma-ma” but first words for boys sound more like “pew-pew” from a machine gun. I don’t care what the experts say about societal influences; boys and girls are born different.

We just got home from a birthday party at the arcade where son #1 was the winner of a whopping 195 tickets. We are typically in the 20 tickets and under category which buys a few tootsie rolls or a pirate’s eyepatch. Today he was able to look beyond the items in the glass counter to the coveted items hanging on the wall. For 110 tickets, he was able to purchase a bow and arrow and still had some tickets left over to purchase eyeball glasses and an eyepatch – a bounty of loot.

By the time we arrived home the packages were already opened and the kids were imagining themselves in Nottingham Forest; so much so that my Robin Hood and his trusty sidekick Little John went next door to recruit a couple of Maid Marions. The girls next door are the same age and I love it when they play with my boys because they add a totally different dimension to the play.

I left my castle briefly and entered Nottingham in the hopes of taking a picture without interfering. They obliged and quickly dismissed me to return to their role play of protecting Nottingham Forest.