Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

My youngest goes to preschool in the afternoon, and I’m here to say that afternoon preschool rocks. Instead of trying to get two kids ready in the morning I just have to worry about one and once he is successfully on the bus I can enjoy a cup of coffee while my youngest and I figure out our plan for the morning. This particular morning was a stay at home morning. Our first agenda item was to make banana chocolate chip muffins. There is this strange phenomenon with bananas in my house – the last two never get eaten. This “banana rule” holds true if I buy two bananas or if I buy ten bananas. Apparently two bananas just don’t look appetizing enough or perhaps the kids know that two untouched bananas will always transform themselves into delicious banana chocolate chip muffins. Am I really that predictable?

Why not drink your orange juice with a turkey baster! Doesn’t everyone?

My young helper and I set to work with a particular urgency this morning having observed a swarming of fruit flies on my way to the coffee maker. Quick, save the bananas! Forget the bananas, save my kitchen from the board of health! He got his step stool, I fetched the ingredients and we set to work. Here is the thing about little helpers in the kitchen – it’s a culinary experience as well as a culinary experiment. Anyone who has cooked with kids knows what I’m talking about! They start pouring and mixing and dipping their little fingers into gobs of buttery sugar while I’m deep into some cabinet hoping I have another bottle of vanilla extract.

Once I tried to make healthy prune-based chocolate brownies but forget to add the chocolate chips. I had melted them in the microwave and either the phone rang, the dog barked or my child couldn’t keep his little hands out of the batter or maybe all three happened. Either way I didn’t realize I had omitted the chocolate chips until I reheated my coffee the next morning and found them in the microwave just where I had left them. Chocolate-less Prune Bar anyone?

Today’s muffin making was no exception. It was an experience and an experiment. The muffin batter was all spooned out into its little cupcake beds and in the oven before I realized we had forgotten to add the eggs! How on earth had I forgotten the eggs? They are a standard addition in any baking recipe. I had thought the batter was a little tough but I had attributed that to a little aggressiveness on the part of the flour measuring (done by you know who). It was too late now. We’d just have to wait and see if the experiment would be edible or not. It turns out that you that you can make an edible muffins without the eggs. Sure they are a little heavy, a little bland and a little shiny for some strange reason but they are reasonably passable. Egg-less Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin anyone?