Hi Blog – What is my excuse?

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper. I went from posting three times a week to once a month this fall. In fact, it has been so long that “WordPress” overhauled their web site during my absence. Why the hiatus? Well for one thing school started up and ended those lovely, care free days of summer but the stats show that I fell off the bandwagon well before the start of September. Since I can’t blame the onset of a new season, I’ll use the excuse that our home has been under construction.

So long home cooked meals

My entire kitchen is packed in boxes and sprinkled all over the house and everything is gently iced with sheetrock dust. I have a police line-up of small appliances in my office barricaded by bins of Halloween decorations and all sorts of other random items serving to get in the way. The heart of our home is now the dining room which the kids call “the new kitchen”. They like “the new kitchen” it means more Cheerios and less broccoli and in many ways its easier for everyone. It’s kind of fun having all you need reduced to a microwave and a toaster. What’s not fun is hitting your head on the chandelier every time you use one.

Yes, life is a bit crazy right now. Nothing is in its place and everything is dusty. I will brag though that my son and I have managed to remember his library books every week; no small feat considering I can’t find a cutting board. My biggest pet peeve is the fact that the workers like to start working at 7:00. Is that really necessary? How can I move my car and answer questions about electrical outlets at the same time I’m trying to make lunches, tie shoes and ensure that at least someone’s teeth see a toothbrush.

Now that it’s November I can see the finish line and soon this will all be a distant memory. The kids will go back to calling the kitchen the kitchen and the dining room the dining room. I’ll go back to droning on in my blog about something I think is interesting and hopefully you might too. And in all that neatness and order I’ll probably forget about the library books.

That old kitchen is looking pretty good to me now.

Hey guys – how about starting at 8:00??