School Picture Day

Today was school picture day for son #2. The paperwork came home with a loan application attached so we could be sure to get enough photos for all our friends and relatives. They are expensive but I want to have these precious snapshots in time. These are the photos I plan to use at his graduation party and show his fiancee some day: for better or for worse, in good hair styles and bad…..

Seeing how son #2 is the second son, his wardrobe is exactly what you would expect – second hand. It was looking a little shabby so we went on a quick trip to Old Navy. The purpose I told him was so he (and I) could pick out a special shirt for picture day. He thought this was pretty cool. He didn’t realize that “his selection” would have to be collared and solid. Sort of like Henry Ford’s offer of “any color you want as long as it’s black”. I was hoping for the best and trying to avoid the a fight brought on by parent mandated clothing (PMC).

I remember PMC fights. They were a daily occurrence in my world. To paint the picture, I was brought up in a household where dungarees, as they were referred to, were not allowed to be worn at school. I fought and lost this battle daily. It was worth fighting for and the second I got to college I made up for all that lost time.

Sixth grade picture day stands out above the rest. Sixth grade was 1986 and neon colors and geometric shapes were totally rad. My favorite sweatshirt at the time embodied all of these trends and clearly wasn’t picture day approved. We raged the PMC battle that morning. I lost and was sent off in some boring sweater vest. But being on the verge of becoming a teenager and naturally knowing everything, I outsmarted them by changing into my totally awesome sweatshirt at school. It was brilliant. Brilliant until a month later when the photos arrived. Did I think they wouldn’t notice?

Son #2 went to school today in a red long sleeve polo hand selected by him. Okay, I’ll admit to a little persuasive PMC here. He came home in it too but who knows what he had on during the actual photo shoot. I’ll let you know next month.


Turns out it was the red shirt he went to school in after all.