Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

We are those parents, the ones who are late to adopt new technology and run a “say no to video games” type of household. We still own a tube TV that takes up lots of real estate in our family room. Although we never jumped onto the Wii bandwagon a few years ago we do have an X-box.  No, no, we didn’t buy it. It came to us free from a friend. We left it in the box for fear that our children would become addicted. Eventually we set it up and most of the time it sits in the basement neglected.

During this “little renovation project” we are in the midst of, we opted for a technology upgrade. It just made sense, the walls were open and so was the checkbook. Fast forward and now our family room is wired for surround sound and there is a flat screen TV on our wall. There is one remote that does everything; TV, BluRay, Internet radio, i-pod, Netflix, laundry, bills and dishes. Dare to dream.

While our AV guy Roberto was here setting up, the kids spotted the “BluRay Start up Package” on the table. The box undeniably promised excitement on a new level for our kids: a three dimensional level. They curiously eyed the box containing “Shrek”, “Mega-Mind” and two pairs of 3D glasses. The moment Roberto opened the box, the kids had the 3D glasses on. They didn’t care that the programming wasn’t done. They wore them all through dinner pushing them up with their greasy hands. Excitement of this magnitude hasn’t hit this house ever and the kids weren’t going to miss it.

The big moment finally arrived and they are enjoying every second of it. They don’t seem to mind that they are watching the same introductory scene of the movie over and over as Roberto tests the connections and the sound. It’s exciting to them just the same. They have 3D vision and I have a visions of family movies in our future.