Ireland – Our trip there

At the airport

We just got back from a week long trip to Ireland with the kids. My Dad has been teaching at the University of Limerick so we went to visit him and my Mom the week of Thanksgiving. We were thrilled when he got this assignment last year and immediately set out to get our passports and plane tickets purchased. We weren’t going to miss out!

Already in Ireland (sort of)

The kids got really excited the week before. “How many days until Ireland?” they would ask by the minute. “Still four. In fact it is going to be four days all day today because it will be Tuesday all day today, okay love?” The root cause of the excitement was an early gift for the trip: new cameras! I bought them so I wouldn’t have to share mine. They are kid friendly, easy to use and had enough space to take over 400 pictures. So snap away! By dinner time son #2 had taken over 50 photos; the dog, his hands, the TV, his sneakers, etc. Son #1 had taken two; one of himself and one of the dog. “I want to save my photos for when we are in Ireland,” he says. This is so representative of their personalities.  One is a saver and one is a spender.

Our flight out was scheduled for 7:30 pm and would arrive in Ireland at 6:30 the following morning. Perfect we thought. They can sleep five hours on the plane and get a jump start on the jet lag. Our plan was foiled by the individual TV’s on the back of each seat. It’s possible that the novelty of their own TV’s on the airplane could possibly be their favorite memory of the entire trip. Just like that incredible gift from Santa that loses out to the box that it came in or that trip to Disney World that gets trumped by the hotel pool.

We survived the plane ride and made it to the other side of the pond. They watched a movie and a couple of shows and even manged to sneak in a quick nap.