Ireland – Limerick City

Side street in Limerick – decorating for Christmas

After seeing the Cliffs of Moher, a few of us ventured into downtown Limerick. The main thoroughfare is O’Connell Street named for Daniel O’Connell, a political figure in the early 19th century, often referred to as “The Liberator”. Many “Main Streets” in Ireland are named for O’Connell. It is akin to our Washington Street.

The downtown was alive and decorated for Christmas. I had a great time checking out the shops – mainly the shoe stores. Everyone in Ireland wears leggings and knee high boots. I had my heart on finding a pair that I wouldn’t be able to find easily stateside. Here is a photo of the pair I decided on.  (sorry it’s sideways)

Sneak shot by my hubby on our way to watch our local “Santa Parade”

My brother found his way into a music store (after all he has his doctorate in music ethnicology). He had his heart set on purchasing a Bordhran which is an Irish drum. Ireland is full of music and it is common to find someone playing a fiddle or guitar in a pub. We had a fun time in this shop with our sales person Helen.  Typical of Ireland, the shop keepers are incredibly engaging and witty.  She wouldn’t ring the sale until my brother played something for her (smart woman!).

Helen and Brent at a music store in Limerick

Sweetening the deal : )

Naturally after all that strenuous shopping we took it upon ourselves to find a pub for a little refreshment. Can you believe our luck – we found one!!!

Daddy and his little girl enjoying a pint