Elementary Jingle Bells

Hallmark snowmen

I had forgotten how much kids love singing “Jingle Bells” until I pulled out my musical Hallmark snowmen. We have two as you can see. I love these decorations but I cringe when I pull them out because the kids love them too. And loving means pressing that little button that says “press here”. Just following directions Mom. Brush your teeth – maybe.  Press here – absolutely! The snowman playing the piano taps away to a medley of holiday favorites but it’s the snowman with the reindeer doggie that sings the beloved “Jingle Bells”.

My kids love to hear “Jingle Bells” but even more appealing to them is listening to both snowmen perform at the same time; a duet if you will. Of course once the kids hear “Jingle Bells” they start singing along. Sing along with me.  I’m sure you remember the words…..

Jingle Bells Batman smells Robin laid and egg.

The Bat mobile lost one wheel and joker ran away.  HEY!!!

Twenty-five days I tell myself; just a mere twenty-five days of advent. Advent is the season of joyful anticipation of the coming of our savior. Yes, please come! Why do I put these snowmen together and on the piano no less? And why do they still have batteries? Well, I guess it’s a rite of passage for child and adult.  The kids love playing the songs via snowmen and singing the rendition that every kid knows (see Eeny Meeny Miny Mo). And for parents, it’s just part of that magical (high energy) time of the season.

Merry Christmas. May your anticipation be joy filled!  : )