A Little Dab Will Do You


And this is cleaner than usual…


This is the sight of the sink in my downstairs bathroom. That blue stuff is toothpaste. Great big globs of it just hanging out waiting to be cleaned up. Sure I use this bathroom too and yes I am the resident house cleaner but I haven’t been motivated to clean this up for a number of reasons. First, if I clean this today I can guarantee you it will look the same tomorrow. Where’s the satisfaction in that? Second, I have been mulling about how to use this as an opportunity to instill ownership and add a chore to the line up only I haven’t worked out all the details. Third, I know I’m kidding myself here, but I’m hoping the boys will speak up about it. Turns out no one has noticed this unsightly sink but me (and now you!).

This is like an endurance workout. I’m holding out on the clean up until one of the kids asks me why the bathroom sink is so messy. I could be motivated to clean it up if only someone noticed or cared. So I’m holding out until one of two things happens: one – someone speaks up or two – they run out of toothpaste. I think I know the outcome and if that happens my problem will be solved.