Hope and Cure

Relay for Life, a cancer fundraiser, is happening in our town this weekend. It’s an overnight relay that consists of teams of people who camp out around the high school track and take turns walking through the night. That describes the mechanics of it. What is harder to describe is the emotional experience of being there. We took the boys to see it last night and walked a few laps in memory of their grandfather “Bompa” who lost his battle to Lymphoma over five years ago.

They were so surprised to see all the people and activity but it was hard for them to understand the event and exactly how the relay worked. Our oldest is so into running he literally thought we were bringing him to a legitimate track meet perhaps even similar to the Olympics. He was a little disappointed to see people walking not running. Keep him in mind if your team decides to raise money on a per lap basis.  ; )

We did about four laps around the track as a family. The kids were mesmerized by all the activity. I was cherishing walking together and was taking the time to reflect on my late father in law and how much we all loved him. The most beautiful part of the event is when all the luminaries that line the track are lit. The white bags have the names of loved ones who have survived or loved ones who have been lost. There are hundreds.  The words “HOPE” and “CURE” spelled out in the bleachers. We were sitting in the bleachers by the word HOPE when the directive came to light the luminaries. At first we watched as people set out with lighters in hand but when a luminary was lit not too far from us, I wanted to participate. I took that little tea light candle and brought it up to the bleachers and with that flame we were able to light half of the “H”. The boys were delighted to help and were thrilled that we were letting them light candles too. It was a magical experience. Before we left we walked to the opposite bleachers to take a look.

HOPE was lit.